Based on the novel ‘Ek Aur Panchvati’ by Kusum Ansal

Deepti Naval, Suresh Oberoi, Akbar Khan, Anuradha Tarafdaar

Producer – Shobha Doctor
Director – Basu Bhattacharya
Writer – Kusum Ansal

Sadhavi (Deepti Naval) a sensitive painter from Nepal is studying art at Triveni Kala Kendra Delhi. During one of her exhibitions she meets an interesting man (Suresh Oberoi) who gets very impressed with her work and buys some of her paintings. He also introduces Sadhvi to his family, wife and younger brother Jatin (Akbar Khan). During one of his visits to Kathmandu he takes the proposal of his younger brother’s marriage to Sadhvi’s parents. The marriage is fixed. Sadhvi because of being fascinated by the older brother, says yes to the marriage, thinking that the younger brother would be something like this man too. But after marriage Sadhvi finds out that she and Jatin are completely incompatible and despite trying her level best, things don’t work out between the two. Instead if there is anyone she can relate to, it is the older brother, who is also tagging along in an indifferent marriage. There comes a point in her life when her marriage turns violent. At this point she decides to end things and return to Nepal. It is during this journey to Nepal that Sadhvi and the older brother come to stay at Panchvati, the family estate, named after the Ramayana, Here, in the idyllic environs the two people made for each other, come together and their hidden admiration for each other surfaces. After a night of love, Sadhvi quietly goes away, leaving behind a note saying ‘In this one moment, I feel that I’ve lived my entire life… here onwards I wish to be on my own… please do not look for me.

’Back in Kathmandu Sadhvi takes up Thanka Painting at the Pashupatinath Temple where she gives birth to twins… and aptly names them Love and Kush.