These poems belong to a particular period of my life. The years are 1990 to 1995. Now that time has gone by and I have moved away from it, I am able to look back and say, ‘Yes, I lived that… I went through this.’ The poems in Black Wind are from life in general, while The Silent Scream is one condensed experience, which I have tried to describe not only in my foreword to those poems, but also in an afterword.

Though all the poems belong to the early 90s, I have added four recent poems to this collection which appear at the end of Black Wind. ‘Unchalked Squares’ was written in December, 2003. ‘There Was This Man’, ‘The Last Debate’ and ‘There’s a Melody In My Pulse’ are also my recent work. ‘The Stench of Sanity’ at the end of The Silent Scream was a rough sketch for a poem scribbled in an old diary, for which I have been able to find words only now.